HETAS Ecodesign Compliant Stoves & Boilers

HETAS Ecodesign Compliant

HETAS has launched, as part of ongoing initiatives to support industry and the wider public, a way in which installers and consumers can fully recognise those appliances that meet the impending Ecodesign regulations for minimum efficiency and maximum emission limits as “Ecodesign Compliant”. The overall aim of the scheme is to promote the more energy efficient appliances that have been independently verified by HETAS, and use of quality wood fuels to help lower UK emissions and improve air quality in support of Government strategies and incentives.

HETAS Ecodesign Compliant stoves and boilers have been third party independently verified as meeting the maximum emission limits for particulate matter (PM), organic gaseous compounds (OGC), carbon monoxide (CO), nitrogen oxides (NOx), as well as the minimum limits for seasonal efficiency. This verification of performance, along with ensuring appliance manufacturer literature and any material on public websites associated with the appliance also contain the minimum information required by Ecodesign.

Advantages of an Ecodesign Compliant Appliance

  • Appliances that have been tested to meet the more stringent emission requirements for PM’s, OGC, CO and NOx, even before Ecodesign’s implementation date in 2022.
  • New seasonal efficiency factor applied, recognising aspects of better controllability of the appliance in increasing efficiency
  • Higher efficient appliances, meaning more heat into the room and lower overall operational costs of the appliance
  • Information of performance more freely available on retailer websites, meaning more informative choices can be made at the purchasing stage
  • End-of-life information now provided to ensure appliances are appropriately recycled/disposed upon replacement
  • Continued support of recently circulated government initiatives, including the Clean Air Strategy

HETAS Ecodesign compliance, along with other elements of HETAS product approval and listing allows consumers and industry stakeholders to make more informed choices on the more efficient and low emission solid fuel, wood or biomass appliances available on the market, and ensures manufacturer information on claims of performance and installation are fully backed by verified technical data and are not in contradiction to any UK industry practices, appropriate BSI standards and legal requirements contained within regulations .

Note – European Ecodesign requirements for local space heaters will come in to force January 2022. We already encourage manufacturers to produce stoves which meet the stated performance and emissions requirements early, giving purchasers 3rd party verification of models with emissions that meet the future legal requirements. There are additional documentary and web-site requirements placed on manufacturers and our Ecodesign Compliant listing recognises that some manufacturers are going through a period of transition in these areas, including reprinting documents and designing new web sites. HETAS has given these manufacturers a period of time to accommodate such transitioning. We ask that all transitions have been completed by the end of 2020 allowing us to maintain the listing in to the 2021 HETAS Guide and/or web site. This pragmatic approach gives installers, specifiers and customers valuable information supporting their choice of stoves and fuels that are available for environmentally responsible use.

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