Stove Industry Alliance

Stove Industry Alliance

The Stove Industry Alliance (SIA) has just released a series of leaflets, covering Ecodesign and its implications for the industry, Ecodesign Ready stoves and the importance of burning dry wood. The leaflets are designed to give stove retailers and installers the information they need to talk to their customers on these important topics.

The SIA is an association of stove manufacturers and distributors, wood fuel suppliers, flue and glass manufacturers and industry supporters like HETAS and Kiwa.

The following SIA downloads are now available:

Find out more…

Search for Ecodesign Ready appliances on the HETAS Appliance Search facility.

For more information about the SIA please visit

The range of HETAS advice leaflets are also available at and can be ordered via the HETAS Shop.

Independent Retailer Month 2017

Independent Retailer Month 2017

Independent Retailer Month 2017HETAS is once again pleased to be supporting Independent Retailer Month. Independent Retailer Month is a campaign that runs annually throughout July to highlight the important role smaller, local, independent retailers play in the communities they serve, the local economy they contribute to, and in the retail sector as a whole.

HETAS is proud to champion independent retailers who can offer consumers a personal and individual service along with expert guidance. We rely on our Approved Retailers to advise and educate end users about the importance of buying HETAS Approved appliances, getting them installed by Registered Installers and maintained by an Approved Chimney Sweep. Retailers play an important role in the consumer journey. Those who have registered on the HETAS Approved Retailer scheme can help ensure more consumers follow the right steps when buying a stove or boiler, which not only benefits the consumer but also the industry and indeed, the environment.

According to the campaigner behind Independent Retailer Month, the results of research about the value of £1 spent locally were compelling, sufficient to convince most people that when they shop locally they are genuinely having a positive impact on their community! For every £1 spent locally around 50p – 70p of that money recirculates back into the local economy. For the same £1 spent out of town or online only 5p trickles back to the local community. When people appreciate the impact that their choice of where to spend can have we believe that more people will make more effort to spend more with local independent businesses.

What will you be doing to promote yourself this Independent Retailer Month? Let the HETAS team know on

You can find your local HETAS Approved Retailer at

Interested in joining the HETAS Approved Retailer scheme? Speak to the team on 01684 278170, email or click here to read more.

Prompt Payer nears landmark

Prompt Payer nears landmarkPrompt Payer Debt Collection

Prompt Payer has now recovered nearly £100,000 on behalf of HETAS registrants. HETAS has a business relationship with Prompt Payer whereby Registered Installers will automatically receive FREE premium membership of Prompt Payer as part of their HETAS registration. Membership with Prompt Payer normally costs £250 and is one of the many benefits of HETAS registration.

Recent research has shown that small businesses are owed over £700m in unpaid invoices and the wait for payment is now 84 days!

It also shows that small businesses spend an extra 14 days chasing debts.  Nearly 50% of all invoice are paid late, yet 79% of business don’t charge interest that they are allowed under Law.

Prompt Payer is on your side and have helped many installer businesses receive payment for unpaid invoices and membership with Prompt Payer is free for HETAS Registered Installers. Here’s what Prompt Payer will do for you:

  • follow a debt collection procedure, as set out by the Financial Services Authority
  • where applicable, we calculate and add interest and charges as permitted by the Late Payment of Commercial Debts Act 1998
  • provide you with a paper trail in case of court action
  • they are on your side and have heard EVERY excuse
  • will help you through the court process if required
  • take the stress away
  • membership is already paid for by HETAS, Prompt Payer take NO collection fee

For further advice contact Prompt Payer directly on 0845 069 7000 or email

Click here to find out about the full range of benefits available to you through your registration with HETAS.

Focus on: Working at height

Focus on: Working at heightWorking at Height Image

Falls from height are one of the biggest causes of workplace fatalities and major injuries. In fact, statistics from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) state that in 2015/16 144 workers were killed at work in Great Britain[1] and 26% of these fatalities were due to falls from height.  To help you protect your workers the team from HETAS Insurance have listed some key questions and answers about working from height.

Q Do the regulations apply to me?

A If you are an employer or you control work at height the regulations apply to you. You must make sure work is properly planned, supervised and carried out by competent people. This includes using the right type of equipment for working at height.

Take a sensible, pragmatic approach when considering precautions for work at height. Factors to consider include the height of the task, the duration and frequency and the condition of the surface being worked on. See the risk assessment website for more advice by visiting:

Q How do I decide who should work at height?

 You should make sure that people with sufficient skills, knowledge and experience are employed to perform the task, or, if they are being trained or are not competent you should ask yourself “should I be doing this work, or a different member of my team?” A competent person is someone who has the necessary skills, experience and knowledge to manage health and safety. Guidance on appointing a competent person can be found at

When a more technical level of competence is required, for example, drawing up a plan for assembling a complex scaffold, existing training and certification schemes drawn up by trade associations and industries is one way to help demonstrate competence.

Q What steps do I need to take to help protect people?

A   Always consider measures that protect everyone who is at risk (collective protection) before measures that protect only the individual (personal protection).

Collective protection is equipment that does not require the person working at height to act to be effective, for example a permanent or temporary guard rail.

Personal protection is equipment that requires the individual to act to be effective. An example is putting on a safety harness correctly and connecting it via an energy-absorbing lanyard to a suitable anchor point.

Remember you have a duty of care towards all individuals and so you should:

  • Take into account weather conditions that could compromise worker safety.
  • Check that the place where work at height is to be undertaken is safe. The place where people will work at height needs to be checked every time, before use.
  • Stop materials or objects from falling or, if it is not reasonably practicable to prevent objects from falling, take suitable and sufficient measures to make sure no one can be injured, like using exclusion zones to keep people away or using mesh on scaffolding to stop materials such as bricks from falling off.
  • Store materials and objects safely so they won’t cause injury if they are disturbed or collapse.
  • Plan for emergencies and rescue; for example, agree upon a set procedure for evacuation. Think about foreseeable situations and make sure employees know the emergency procedures. Don’t just rely entirely on emergency services for rescue in your plan.

Failure to consider precautions and to properly plan for working at height can lead to serious incidents. A Birmingham employer was ordered to undertake 120 hours unpaid community work and pay costs of £1152.24 following a fall that left his apprentice with life changing injuries[2].

Q How do I choose the right equipment to use?

A  When selecting equipment for work at height, you must:

  • Provide the most suitable equipment appropriate for the work;
  • Take account of factors such as:
    • The working conditions (such as weather);
    • The nature, frequency and duration of the work;  and
    • The risks to the safety of everyone where the work equipment will be used.

Where the safety of the work equipment depends on how it has been installed or assembled, you should ensure it is not used until it has been inspected in that position by a competent person.

Any equipment exposed to conditions that may cause it to deteriorate and result in a dangerous situation, should be inspected at suitable intervals appropriate to the environment and use. Do an inspection every time something happens that may affect the safety or stability of the equipment, such as adverse weather or accidental damage.

You are required to keep a record of any inspection for types of work equipment including:

  • guard rails,
  • toe boards,
  • barriers or similar collective means of protection;
  • working platforms (any platform used as a place of work or as a means of getting to and from work, like a gangway) that are fixed (such as a scaffold around a building) or mobile (eg a mobile elevated working platform (MEWP) or scaffold tower); or a ladder.
  • Any working at height platform used for construction work and from which a person could fall more than 2 metres must be inspected:
  • After assembly in any position;
  • After any event liable to have affected its stability; and
  • At intervals not exceeding seven days.

By taking appropriate action to assess the risks faced in your business and then implementing steps to reduce them, not only are you meeting your legal requirements you are also protecting your employees. Don’t forget if you are planning to work at height you will need to arrange appropriate insurance. Why not get in touch with your HETAS Insurance team on 08455 085 734 to see how they can help you.

HETAS Ltd is an introducer appointed representative of Jelf Insurance Brokers Limited. Hetas Insurance Services is a trading name of Jelf Insurance Brokers Ltd (Reg No. 0837227), which is part of Jelf Group plc (Reg No. 2975376) and is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).  Registered address: Hillside Court, Bowling Hill, Chipping Sodbury, Bristol BS37 6JX (Registered in England and Wales). Not all products and services offered are regulated by the FCA. JIB157.06.17

Source Zywave




Ready to Burn Update

Ready to Burn LogoReady to Burn Update

Following on from a successful launch during June at Hearth & Home, HETAS and Woodsure are pleased to see firewood producers signing up to the Ready to Burn initiative. We introduced the scheme in our last newsletter and intend to have suppliers registered in advance of the heating season.

The ‘Ready to Burn’ initiative is for wood log producers, having a distinct certification category for dry firewood logs where they are able to demonstrate through audit and fuel testing that woodfuel they sell as ‘Ready to Burn’ is:

  • Labelled as ‘Ready to Burn’
  • Is less than 20% moisture content

(check the manufacturers instructions fro your appliance, it should have guidance on the appropriate fuel and moisture content)

  • There is point of sale information, labelling and support
  • Where appropriate provides retailers with information on how to effectively store and keep the firewood in good condition

Making this dry fuel available to consumers in a way that they can recognise it is ready to burn and differentiate it from wet wood, will significantly increase the sale of dry wood whilst at the same time educating consumers on the benefits.

The principle of the Woodsure scheme is that raw materials, the collection of trees and forestry thinning or post timber processing is legally sourced, processed to achieve size and moisture characteristics and made available to the end consumer with clear identification.

If you are interested in joining the scheme or know of a supplier you’d like to recommend the initiative to, please click here to complete the Woodsure enquiry form.


HETAS Guide Survey

HETAS Guide SurveyHETAS Guide Survey

It’s been a few months since we published the HETAS Guide 2017. HETAS constantly strives to provide installers, retailers and manufacturers with useful information in the Guide and the online search function. We would really like your thoughts on the current Guide and how you use it so we can continue to provide you with the information on appliances to assist you in completing a safe and compliant installation.

The survey will take less than five minutes to complete and your feedback is very much appreciated.

Click here to take the survey.

You can view the current HETAS Guide at or click here to view the Appliance Search.

Visit Worcester at Hearth & Home

Visit Worcester at Hearth and Home

Having launched its range of Greenstyle stoves range last year, Worcester Bosch Group will be showcasing its latest products at this year’s Hearth and Home show – stand B12. Exhibiting at the show for the first time, the Greenstyle range suits both modern and traditional homes and, with a choice of outputs available, can effectively heat a variety of spaces.

Both the Greenstyle Bewdley and Hanbury stove ranges are:Visit Worcester at Hearth and Home

  • HETAS Approved
  • Defra exempt
  • Includes clean-burn technology
  • Backed by a renowned award-winning technical support team

For those looking to stock the new Greenstyle stoves, representatives will be able to field any questions about the products.

Martyn Bridges, Director of Technical Communication and Product Management at Worcester, Bosch Group, commented:

“We are delighted to be attending Hearth and Home for the very first time, and are excited to show off our new collection of Greenstyle stoves.

“Not only is Hearth and Home a great opportunity for us to get to know our stoves customers, it also offers them the chance to find out all they need to know about our latest offering.”

For further information on Worcester’s Greenstyle Bewdley and Hanbury wood burning stove, please visit

Click here to view the Worcester Greenstlye stoves range on the HETAS product search.

Hearth & Home is here!

Hearth and Home is here!Hearth and Home is here!

On the 11th June the twenty first Hearth & Home exhibition takes place at the Harrogate Convention Centre in Harrogate. Taking place over three days the exhibition is our industry’s only dedicated UK trade exhibition. This year has over 130 exhibitors.

Organised by The Fireplace Marketing Co, the event continues to attract many of the leading manufacturers and is an excellent opportunity to meet existing suppliers and meet new contacts. Many familiar names as well as some new ones will be at the exhibition in 2017, including:

  • The Stove Industry Alliance
  • Eurostove
  • Hunter Stoves
  • Schiedel Chimney Systems
  • Worcester Bosch Group
  • Waxman Heating
  • Flue & Ducting
  • Cola Stoves

Find out more

You can visit the Hearth & Home 2017 website for a full list of exhibitors. The latest edition of Fires & Fireplaces magazine also includes the Hearth & Home catalogue.

Why not come and meet The Woodsure team who will also be supporting HETAS as they launch the ‘Ready to Burn’ campaign.

Come and meet the HETAS and Woodsure teams on stand C7 throughout the exhibition which takes place from Sunday 11th June through until Tuesday 13th June. Opening times are from 10-5 (Sunday & Monday) and 10-4 (Tuesday).

Click here to register for your free visitor tickets.

For details on the Harrogate Convention Centre and directions click here.

Chimney Fire Safety Week 2017

Chimney Fire Safety Week 2017Chimney Fire Safety Week 2017

It has been confirmed that the Fire Kills Chimney Fire Safety Week 2017 will be taking place from the 4th to the 10th September. There are over 5,500 chimney fires in England, Wales and Scotland, HETAS is once again supporting the campaign to raise awareness amongst consumers of the importance of maintaining their solid fuel heating systems, chimneys and flues. HETAS would also like your support with the campaign in 2017.

The campaign is now in its 9th year and awareness has been growing year on year. With support from industry and Fire and Rescue Services the 2017 campaign looks to build on this success.

HETAS launched the Chimney Fire Safety Week website in 2016 and will be updating the website over the coming months ahead of the campaign, which runs just ahead of the heating season.

We are fully aware that promoting responsible use of heating appliances and regular appliance servicing, maintenance and chimney sweeping is something that retailers, installers and sweeps do on a daily basis and appreciate the support of everyone in the industry for this campaign in previous years.

Support Chimney Fire Safety Week in 2017

Again for 2017, we would like your support. Do you know of any homeowners who have experienced a chimney fire as a result of maintenance neglect? Additionally, chimney sweeps and installers with pictures or case studies that can be used during the campaign please get in touch to offer your support. Examples of case studies and images that would help with the campaign include:

  • Unswept chimneys
  • Debris collected from a chimney
  • Logs stacked next to a stove
  • Chimney fires in action
  • Thatch fires
  • Smoke damaged beams

Please get in touch by email to if you can help out and support Chimney Fire Safety Week.

Summer Offer from Surefire

Summer offer from SurefireSummer offer from Surefire

Surefire offer free accommodation when you book both H003 and H006 courses this summer. Are you looking to develop your skills through further solid fuel training?

Study with Surefire Training Centre this summer and you will not only learn from the most knowledgeable professionals in the solid fuel industry who bring a wealth of experience and skills to HETAS courses but you will also receive FREE ACCOMMODATION when you book the following courses together:

– 4 nights FREE accommodation* when you book both H003 and H006 training courses

– 3 nights FREE accommodation* when you book both H003R and H006 training courses

*Available for courses between 1st May – 31st July 2017 at the Surefire Ripley centre only

The Training Centre

Situated in Ripley, Derbyshire, the training centre is easily accessible from the A38 and M1, Surefire Training Centre has the following facilities:

  • Dedicated training suite equipped with live appliances for practical training, flue and chimney displays
  • Trainers with 98 years’ collective experience in delivering solid fuel training bringing a wealth of experience and skills to our courses
  • Courses are never cancelled
  • Lunch and refreshments included

The Accommodation

The free accommodation is at the Derbyshire Hotel, 4-star bed and breakfast.

The Derbyshire Hotel is conveniently just located two minutes’ from Junction 28 of the M1. The hotel is close to both the Derby and Nottingham city centres.

For more information on courses and to take advantage of this summer offer from Surefire, contact the team by emailing or call 01773 570408. The Surefire team will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Alternatively visit the Surefire website to find out more about the full range of courses available and the facilities on offer at Surefire.

Click here to find out more about the full range of HETAS courses on offer.