Know what you notify

Know what you notify

Know what you notifyThere are occasions where you might be asked to install something out of the ordinary. Whilst they might look unique, you need to make sure you are applying your knowledge of the Building Regulations.

 When installing a solid fuel, wood or biomass appliance you must satisfy yourself that the installation and associated works meet all the relevant Building Regulations (which in England or Wales are primarily Regulations 4 and 7).

The following points must be considered ahead of any new installation.

  • The relevant Building Services Compliance guide must be followed for any new combustion appliance. For instance, a domestic solid fuel fuel dry room heater (categories E1 to E3) must have gross efficiency of at least 65% – click here for more information.
  • Ensure the appliance is sized correctly (nominal output) to meet optimum efficiency in accordance with Part L of the Building Regulations
  • Flues and hearths must be sized and positioned correctly for the specification of that appliance
  • Manufacturers clearance distances to combustibles are maintained at all times to comply with Requirement J4 of the Building Regulations (see also Approved Document J)
  • Other manufacturer prescribed guidance is followed in terms of installation and use

Installers would only be able to verify these caveats above by one of the following means;

  • Checking against a listing (in the HETAS Guide/website search for example)
  • Taking verification of efficiency, output & clearances from the CE data plate (which would also give you the name/model)
  • Taking verification of efficiency, output and clearances from Declaration of Performance (again you would need to know the name and manufacturer of the appliance)

All of these steps would require knowledge of the appliance model. Without obtaining this important pre-installation information, there is no means of confirming a compliant installation. All of this information is only available in areas that give the appliance/model reference. Under no circumstances should a combustion appliance be identified as “unknown”, whilst at the same time ticking the “meets Building Regulations” box on HETAS notifications.

Completing the certificate

When completing the HETAS Certificate of Compliance please ensure you have all the appliance and chimney/flue details in order to fully complete the notification. Notifications must identify the appliance installed.

From 1st July 2013 any solid fuel products are required to have a CE mark under the Construction Products Regulation. The requirements for manufacturers are straightforward – everything sold from July 1st 2013 must be CE marked. The only exception is for appliances which were manufactured and had been placed on the market prior to that date to allow for a transition period.

You should also ensure that any work carried out is within the scope of your registration with HETAS in order for it to be notified via HETAS. Detailed guidance on this can be found in the HETAS Technical Area.

The HETAS Technical Helpline is available to registrants during office hours on 01684 278194 or via email on Additional guidance is available in your Technical Handbook (Section 2) and via the HETAS Guide.

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Defra contract appointment

Defra contract appointment

Defra Contract AppointmentWe are pleased to announce that Defra has appointed HETAS as the Contractor to provide technical support to enable it to meet its legal obligations under the Clean Air Act 1993, with effect from 1st December 2018.

The Assessment of Appliances and Fuels contract will run until 31 March 2020, covering the requirements of sections 20 and 21 of the Clean Air Act 1993 and other associated sections.  Following this period, there will be an option to extend the contract for a further two years.

Under current legislation, the Clean Air Act controls smoke and emissions from domestic and small industrial sources and gives local authorities powers to create smoke control areas. In smoke control areas, it is an offence to emit smoke from the chimney of a building or acquire an ‘unauthorised fuel’ unless it is used on an ‘exempt’ appliance.

Perfect Fit

The award of the contract is a perfect fit for HETAS – the specialist organisation approving biomass and solid fuel heating appliances, fuels and services. Led by Bruce Allen, HETAS will provide the assessment of fuels and appliances for use in Smoke Control areas across the UK throughout the set period.

Bruce says, “We are delighted to have won this contract, allowing us to extend our work alongside Defra. The Clean Air Act 1993 is vital in addressing the needs of environment in the UK, and the Assessment of Appliances and Fuels is something HETAS places in high regard. To be managing this in conjunction with Defra is extremely important to us. We would also like to acknowledge the excellent work of the outgoing contractor Ricardo Energy and Environment, who has done a great job.”

HETAS operates a range of registration, certification and approval schemes covering solid fuel, wood and biomass installers, fuels and appliances. The new contract fits well in to the portfolio of technical and environmental activities. For further information on HETAS, visit

To find out more or to make an application contact the team on or call 01684 272990.

Further Reading

Details of the current Clean Air Act 1993 application procedures can be found at:


Fire Rated Foam Products

Important Note – Fire Rated Foam Products

HETAS has recently been made aware of a number of incidents relating to the use of self-expanding polyurethane fire rated foam, used in applications for the sealing of materials in proximity to solid fuel appliances and installation components. Some of these cases have involved callout and attendance from the Fire & Rescue service due to the foam products being at risk of igniting under continued appliance operation conditions. Due to the significant risks involved with this type of installation practice, HETAS has below clarified the situation in more detail on these types of products, and their suitability for use in solid fuel appliance installations.

General Guidance

The majority of fire rated filler products available on the market today are designed for use in applications in sealing cavities, to improve the insulation of building materials by reducing the escape of heat and air from the building and in effect improving its overall energy performance. Particular applications include the sealing of fireproof doors, windows and cable ducts, as well as sealing of connections between walls, ceilings and floors, as specified by the product manufacturer and within the relevant instructions.

As these products are solely designed to be used in these types of construction applications, under no circumstances should these products be used for the sealing of any materials in installations concerning solid fuel and biomass burning appliances. Further clarification for the reasoning behind this can be found below.

Fire Foam Applications

In practice, fire rated foam filler products are required to have a verified “Reaction to Fire” rating, confirmed under laboratory test conditions, meaning that the product material does not contribute to the spread of flames in situations of fire and reduce the buildings overall fire protection performance. These ratings in most cases are designated on a letter and number scale (i.e. A1, B3), dependent on the EN test standard used for testing and confirmation. It is important when commencing solid fuel installation works to check the suitability of any materials used, as a reaction to fire rating does not necessarily mean that a product has been verified as a “non-combustible material”.

For non-combustibility of products, Approved Document J provides further guidance, making some reference to reaction to fire, mainly by definition of non-combustibility against the requirements of BS EN 13501-1:2002, ensuring only those products verified as A1 non-combustible are used in solid fuel installation applications.

A reaction to fire rating does not guarantee a period of time in which products can withstand fire, only confirming that the product will not contribute to the spread of fire during its intended use.

In cases such as this where products are used as a material insulator, the product manufacturer is also required to undertake additional testing to confirm the products “Fire Resistance” rating against the relevant BS or EN standard. This testing confirms that the product can withstand fire for a specified period of time, to allow occupants enough time to vacate the premises in incidents of fire. The long-term exposure temperatures stability for materials is determined in a very different test and in most cases, the temperature resistance of these types of foam filler products are only verified to a temperature of around 100oC (based on the caveats of the test).

The required standards to be met for sale in the UK and generally prescribed within the BS 476 series of standards.

Solid Fuel Appliance Applications

Although these products may have test evidence to confirm both their reaction to fire and fire resistance properties, this data will not provide sufficient evidence to enable an installer to confirm that products will provide stability for the longer periods of time at elevated temperatures they will experience near a solid fuel appliance.

During winter months, solid fuel appliances operate for a much more sustained period of time, much longer than the periods verified during the testing of the product. Certain components of solid fuel fired appliance installations can operate at temperatures as high as 400oC+.

It is important therefore that any product used in proximity to solid fuel installations is a suitably rated non-combustible material, and has a verified long-term exposure temperature confirmed by the product manufacturer to withstand the higher exposure temperatures that can be found during continued solid fuel appliance operation.

Technical data sheets supplied by the product manufacturer will include the permissible temperatures and rating information in which installers can make reference against before use of the product. It is important in any incidents whereby the relevant fire rating or performance cannot be confirmed, that the product should not be used under any circumstances. Specialist advice can be obtained from the HETAS technical helpline in instances of uncertainty.

Installers should always ensure that the Building Regulation requirements J4 Protection of Building is met in reducing the significant risk of the building catching fire in consequence of use of solid fuel burning appliances.

Further Information

Contact the HETAS Technical Helpline to discuss this article further. Click here for contact details.


Out of the Dragons Den

Out of the Dragons Den

Former HETAS Registered Installer David Gattie is fresh out of the Dragons Den and interest in his innovative ventilation product Find out how it went for David in front of the four Dragons and life out of the den.

Although David and his son Max were not successful in the den, their TV appearance has certainly sparked interest in the product.

Why DR21?

Between 2008 and 2016 David was a HETAS registered installer and fitted over a thousand appliances before heading off for retirement.

David always hated putting in the air vent, and if a draught free vent was specified with a 5” diameter hole instead of 4” it was even worse.  Customers also hated the vents and often ended up blocking them up as soon as he completed the job. Many of you will be familiar with this problem.

The Solution

David wanted to find a solution to overcome his challenged experienced as an installer and this led to DR21.

DR21 Ltd is a family business, based in Knutsford, Cheshire. The product is made entirely in England and is manufactured to ISO 9001:2015 standards. It was independently tested on the 24th October 2016 by BRE and has approval with HETAS.

The Product

TheDR21 air vent uses a labyrinth baffling system which regulates air flow. It ensures there is enough air flow for a stove to burn efficiently, but will not admit gusts and breezes and no annoying draughts in your room.

Find out more

The DR21 website has a number of videos introducing the product. Click here to see the videos.

You can watch David’s appearance of Dragon’s Den here.

To view the DR21 and all the HETAS Approved ventilators click here.

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Latest HETAS Approvals

Latest HETAS Approvals

It’s been a busy few months for product approvals with the heating season now in full flow. We have welcomed a number of new manufacturers into the HETAS Guide. With nearly 1,500 products, you’ll find the right one for you.

New to HETAS

In recent months we have welcomed a number of new manufacturers into the HETAS Guide, including Jøtul, Henley Stoves, The Woodford Collection, Hase-Kaminofenbau, Scandia and Zero Ridge.


Jøtul is one of the world’s oldest producers of stoves, inserts and fireplaces. Building on a proud Norwegian heritage, they have combined fine craftsmanship with the art of coping with the cold for 160 years. Jøtul is a worldwide brand and a global market leader sold in 43 countries on six continents.

Click here to view Jøtul’s products.

Jøtul website:

 Henley Stoves

Henley Stoves is one of Ireland’s leading stove companies based in Kerry with an extensive background in the stove industry. The core aim at Henley is to provide a genuine quality product at affordable prices and to provide an exceptional customer service.

Click here to view Henley’s approved products.

Henley website:

The Woodford Collection

Brought to you by the team at Flue & Ducting, The Woodford Collection is a hand-picked luxurious range of Multi Fuel Stoves and Fireplace packages, designed for modern living but keeping the traditional values of every British home at heart.

Click here to view Flue & Ducting’s approved products.

Woodford Collection website:


Based in Trier, Germany, where all their products are hand built with a goal is to create stoves that are balanced and harmonious in shape and form. Simple, classic and timeless and in combination with outstanding fire know-how and skilled craftsmanship.

Click here to view Hase-Kaminofenbau’s approved products.

Hase-Kaminofenbau’s website:


An Australian owned family business based in Melbourne, Scandia has been manufacturing wood fires and stoves for over 65 years. They take inspiration from Scandinavian design, their quality of life and their strong ideas around democracy.

Click here to view Scandia’s approved products.

Scanida website:

Zero Ridge

Zero Ridge is one of the UK’s leading biomass heating solution provider, with a high quality product range, of meticulously designed and efficient wood log, wood pellet and wood chip boiler systems from HDG and SHT.

Click here to view Zero Ridge’s approved products.

Zero Ridge website:

Also adding products to the HETAS Guide in recent months:

HETAS approves a wide range of products, from stoves and biomass appliances, chimneys and liners through to a arrange of ancillary equipment. Visit the Product Search to find the right product for you.

The insurance your standard policy doesn’t cover

Contractors – the insurance your standard policy doesn’t cover

HETAS Insurance Services LogoYou’ve renewed your Public Liability, signed off on the Professional Indemnity, and your Products Liability is all up to date. You’re covered for every eventuality…..or so you think.

While your three standard types of contractor insurance will certainly work to protect you and your business against common threats, there are still certain, more specialised risks which your standard insurance won’t cover.

Every business is different. Take a look at these additional insurance options, to help you consider what you might be missing when it comes to your business cover.

What might be missing

  • Cyber Liability

Cyber security is a rising concern amongst business and will not be covered under standard contractor’s insurance.

However, Cyber Liability insures you against a whole range of possible incidents, covering the costs of hacking, loss of data and any damage or loss caused by a computer virus.

  • Crime

 In recent years there has been a huge rise in social engineering scams, where individuals are deceived into transferring money the business doesn’t owe.

Different to Cyber Liability, a Crime policy provides cover in the event of theft by both employees and third parties, inclusive of electronic fraud. Some Cyber Liability policies may include this.

  • Office Contents and Computers

One of the most inexpensive types of cover, Office Contents Insurance is overlooked by contractors surprisingly often. But this sort of cover could prove invaluable in a number of high-risk situations including fire, theft, flooding and accidental damage. This kind of policy can even be extended to include remote devices such as laptops and smartphones.

  • Employers’ Liability

A statutory requirement for any employer, Employers’ Liability offers up to £10m indemnity, covering you should any of your employees suffer accident or injury in the workplace.

  • Public and Products Liability (for work in the Public Sector)

Did you know that public sector bodies such as councils, schools and hospitals expect Public and Product Liability beyond the limit of your standard policy?

You could be asked for a limit of indemnity of £10m or higher, and will need to ‘top-up’ your main policy in order to be covered for this work.

  • Directors’ and Officers’ Liability

This type of insurance is designed to protect the Directors and Key Managers of your company against pay-outs for actual or alleged acts of wrongdoing. This includes protection against breach of trust, breach of duty, negligence and defamation.

  • Increased Cost of Working

If your business earns most of its income from work outside of your permanent premises, Increased Cost of Working will act as a more specialised form of Business Interruption, covering you in the event of damage such as fire or flooding at your premises.

This policy will insure you for all extra expenses incurred to help you maintain the running of your business, including additional rental costs, employee overtime and ‘business as usual advertising’.

For further information or for advice on any additional insurance options for your business, contact HETAS Insurance.

This is a marketing communication.


HETAS Insurance Services is a trading name of Jelf Insurance Brokers Ltd which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Not all products and services offered are regulated by the FCA.  Registered in England and Wales number 0837227. Registered Office: Hillside Court, Bowling Hill, Chipping Sodbury, BS37 6JX. FP18.625


Which Trusted Traders

Which? Trusted Trader LogoWhich Trusted Traders

As you know, Which? Trusted Traders and HETAS are two not for profit organisations that have a longstanding relationship. The partnership was designed to raise the profile of reputable HETAS installers by further endorsing your accreditation with HETAS.

Which? Trusted Traders fills an important gap in the market. A completely free-to-use service for all consumers, not just our members, Which? Trusted Traders exists to help people

find local traders they can depend on. At the same time, it gives trustworthy traders the recognition they deserve. While there are already a number of trader schemes in the marketplace, none can provide what Which? Trusted Traders provides – an endorsement from the UK’s leading independent consumer organisation.

When you’re endorsed by Which? you know it means something.

And Which? Trusted Traders is no different. Our trading standards professionals carefully assess every applicant to ensure they meet our high standards and look at the consumer element of your business. The assessment has been referred to as a ‘Health check’ and we will provide valuable advice on your paperwork, insurance (you’d be surprised how many traders are not covered for elements of their work) and ensure that your consumer facing element is fully compliant with best practice and consumer law.

“We know Which? has a great reputation and are a trusted well known company. Customers like to be put at ease with knowing necessary checks have been made on traders and feel more comfortable being able to view trusted feedback before they choose to go ahead. We feel that by being a Which? Trusted trader member we have made it easier for customers to secure work with us and feel at ease using us as a company.”

‘Lewis Sweet – South East Stoves & Fires’ – 21st September 2018

In other words, it’s not something we give to everyone. But, if your application is successful, then you can start reaping the many rewards:

  • Benefit from the association with Which? Trusted Traders by displaying the endorsement icon alongside your own business logo & HETAS logo
  • Your own business profile featured on the Which? Trusted Traders website
  • A dedicated account manager to help you make the most of your endorsement and offer advice should you need it
  • Regular updates to help you stay on top of any legislative or regulation changes
  • Access to an Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) service to help resolve any customer disputes
  • A subscription to the Which? Magazine

“We are prouder, have happy, safe customers. This results in more work, need I say more.”

Robert Wallace – Chimney Sweep, Chimney Build – 21st September 2018

As HETAS and Which? Trusted Traders are in Partnership, we can offer you a 50% discount on your first 6 months of being a Which? Trusted Trader. The application fee starts from £200 + VAT to get assessed for businesses with less than 19 employees. To find out more, please call us on 0117 981 2929 and quote PA-LEAF. Lines are open Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm. Alternatively, you can request a call back via

An Inspector Calls

An Inspector Calls

An on-site audit is an essential part of registration with HETAS, but it also provides an opportunity to meet with your local inspector and discuss technical issues face to face. The team provide you with a handy check list for inspections.

New registrants are required to be assessed annually for the first two years following their initial assessment to establish a clean track record. Existing registrants with a proven track record are assessed on a risk based method. This will involve a minimum of one on-site assessment of each existing registrant’s work every three years.

It is important to understand that the inspector isn’t trying to catch you out, but is simply assessing your installation for compliance with the relevant Building Regulations, relevant Standards and manufacturer’s instructions.

Where an inspection request has been made, it is important that you accommodate this and communicate with the inspector as soon as possible, to avoid issues with your registration.  It is also important that you meet the inspector and use the opportunity to discuss concerns. Be aware that there is a cancellation fee for missed appointments, as inspectors are not able to fill the time slots at short notice, so should you have any issues in arranging an inspection at the time and date requested by the inspector, please do make contact with the inspector so the necessary arrangements can be made.    HETAS doesn’t want to be in the position of suspending your registration due to a failure to arrange an inspection, but we must meet our requirements set by Government.

The Inspection

There is a handy checklist that is sent out with the inspection request, which details what to expect and any items that will be required on the day.  This includes relevant paperwork (copy of contract, manufacturer’s instructions, copy of Building Regulations and Technical Handbook, commissioning sheet and Certificate of Compliance) and test equipment, such as smoke pellets and flue draught gauge. Click here to view the inspection checklist.

The inspection comprises of a visual inspection, technical discussion and observation of testing/commissioning procedures.  Inspectors make it as informal as they can and will always try and make time to answer any questions you have during the process.

Inspections are a great way to speak to HETAS, as inspectors are in constant contact with main office.  Feedback is important, so please make the most of this time.

You will have likely met your inspector before.  The current HETAS inspection team is made up of the following:

  • Alan Young
  • Paul Cichy
  • Clive Stansfield
  • Mick Waumsley
  • Ray King
  • Lee Yanez
  • John Gregory
  • Warren Bellinger
  • David Fleming
  • Jim Howes

Get in touch with the HETAS team on or call us on 01684 278170. Click here for other latest news.

Let Prompt Payer support you

Let Prompt Payer support you

For over five years HETAS installers have been benefiting from Prompt Payer membership as part of their registration. There are so many reasons to use this free benefit, along with some new benefits being added this year.

Prompt Payer exists to help our members generate more business and get paid on time. Late payment is one of the biggest threats today and we do our best to make sure your business is protected. Prompt Payer has been working in partnership with HETAS for over five years and installers have been making the most of the benefits available. Every year Prompt Payer has assisted our installers in recovering unpaid invoices and ensuring processes are properly in place to secure payment.

So how does it work?

  • They follow a debt collection procedure, as set out by the Financial Services Authority
  • Where applicable, calculate and add interest and charges as permitted by the Late Payment of Commercial Debts Act 1998
  • Provide you with a paper trail in case of court action
  • They are on your side and have heard EVERY excuse
  • Prompt Payer will help you through the court process if required
  • Take the stress away
  • Membership is already paid for by HETAS, they take NO collection fee

Nearly 50% of all invoice are paid late, yet 79% of business don’t charge interest that they are allowed under Law. Get in touch with Prompt Payer if you have unpaid invoices and see how they can support you.

Additional Benefits

There are additional benefits to membership with Prompt Payer, including access to a legal helpline and GDPR support packages. This month Prompt Payer is launching its Discount Marketplace, where you can enjoy discounts, rewards and perks on thousands of the brands you love in a variety of categories. Click here to find out more and access the Benefit Hub.

More Information

For more information visit or email


Mediation Services

ProMediate Mediation ServicesMediation Services

HETAS is pleased to be announcing the launch of ADR services to our registrants in partnership with ProMediate. ProMediate has a nationwide reputation for it’s mediation services and is registered with the Civil Mediation Council.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Since 1st October 2015 all UK businesses have to be able to provide details of a certified Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Provider when a complaint has been made which cannot be resolved by their own internal complaints process.

ProMediate can offer a time and cost efficient approach to this issue, and is also registered with the EU platform for online consumer complaints.

The business does not just deal with disputes when they arise but also provides information and resources to members through its Members’ Area, and a newsletter to help members to deal with disputes before they get to a contentious stage. It guides its members through the choices they have to make about ADR versus litigation and the Court process.

ProMediate has a nationwide reputation for mediation and is registered with the Civil Mediation Council as well as its consumer ADR scheme being certified by Chartered Trading Standards Institute (CTSI).  The business has over 20 independent ADR Officials experienced in all forms of Alternative Dispute Resolution, including Accredited International Online Mediators.

It is already chosen ADR supplier to major retailers. Many of its ADR Officials have a wealth of experience of dealing with disputes of all kinds including builders and tradespeople, proving an ideal match to work with HETAS.

Find out more

For more information on this new service visit the HETAS Technical Area to find out more about this new ADR service or click here to visit the ProMediate website.

You can also contact ProMediate by phone on 0203 621 3908, mobile on 07827 961764 or email them directly on