Chimney Fire Safety Week 2020

Chimney Fire Safety Week 2020 Chimney Fire Safety Week is back for 2020! The annual campaign takes place in September. What will you be doing to support the campaign this year with the Clean Air Strategy putting extra spotlight on our industry. HETAS met with the team from Fire Kills and once again we are pleased Read More…

The importance of chimney design

Every solid fuel heating appliance installed in the UK will be connected to a suitably sized chimney system, to allow for products of combustion created during the burning of solid and biomass fuels to escape from the appliance and be safely emitted to outside. For all combustion appliances, this process of combustion product dispersion is Read More…

Environment and Air Quality Strategies across the UK

Air quality is a worldwide issue, with authorities being tasked with ways to improve the air we breathe. So what is happening across the UK? The HETAS team takes a look at the various strategies and plans being developed and the impact on domestic combustion.

Coronavirus Support for Business

A number of government schemes are now in place During this difficult and uncertain time for businesses and individuals various emergency schemes have been produced by government to help businesses survive the Covid-19 pandemic. We urge all of our registrants to investigate what funding is available. We have outlined the key schemes put in place Read More…

BSRIA report

Back in February Defra published their response on their cleaner domestic burning of solid fuels and wood consultation. In conjunction with the announcement was a BSRIA report commissioned by HETAS (on behalf of Defra). The report identifies the useful heat output of a series of solid fuels selected from typical fuels available to the public.