Need to Vent?

Need to Vent?

Rytons Ventilation | Need to VentThe heating season is here and hopefully your books are already pretty full and business is looking healthy. To help with your preparations, the team at Rytons has provided a quick reminder of some of their most popular vents you’re sure to need during the next few months.

Rytons, Established in 1972, began manufacturing just two products; the Rytons Slim Vent Minor and Slim Vent Major. Their aim was to educate architects and builders on the benefits of specifying and installing cavity ventilation in new build cavity walls. The concept grew steadily and eventually became part of UK regulations and standards. Today the number of products Rytons manufacture and distribute has expanded to over three hundred, but it still contains those first two products.

The products are well-designed, made of good quality materials and will last! To support these claims and offer peace of mind when buying or specifying, Rytons have products approved by two of the most well respected bodies in the industry – HETAS and the British Board of Agrément (BBA).

The Rytons website also has ventilation calculators for stoves, open fires and gas appliances. They are there to save you time and a headache – give them a try.

A full range of useful videos can be found on the Rytons Vimeo channel.

With Rytons celebrating 45 years of manufacturing, they have also produced a timeline of the business. Click here to view the history of Rytons.

Got a technical ventilation question? Contact the HETAS Technical team on or call 01684 278170.

New Ventilation Calculation Tools from Rytons

Sometimes it seems there are just not enough hours in the day. With installations to complete, orders to place, parts to collect; not to mention clients to visit, technical enquiries to make and paperwork, you can be really up against it. As the only manufacturer of HETAS Approved vents Rytons understands this and has created three fantastic new time-saving tools for the fire and fireplace industry – online ventilation calculators.

Rytons Stove Ventilation Calculator, Rytons Open Fire Ventilation Calculator and Rytons Gas Appliance Ventilation Calculator are accessible free of charge from Rytons website at Use them anytime and anywhere. They’re great for planning in the evenings and at weekends and are also ‘mobile friendly’ for when you are out and about – either in the van between jobs or with a client.

Rytons Stove, Open Fire & Gas Fire Ventilation Calculators from Rytons Building Products on Vimeo.

Visit to find out more about the ventilation calculators.

View the Rytons range of products in the HETAS Guide.

Rytons Super Acoustic LookRyt AirCores

Rytons new product range – Rytons Super Acoustic LookRyt AirCores

Your home is your haven, a place to relax and enjoy life with family and friends.  However many homes across the UK have an unwelcome visitor … NOISE!!

Road traffic noise, rail noise, noisy neighbours, built-up areas and noise from commercial operations can all penetrate our haven and disturb our lives – this can lead to serious health issues.  Numerous studies show that living in a noisy house can be extremely stressful.  It can have a damaging effect on quality of life and have an impact on the educational achievements of children.

To dramatically reduce noise transfer via through-wall ventilators Rytons has developed a fantastic new range of Super Acoustic LookRyt® AirCores® which provide exceptional air flows and the best sound proofing possible. Rytons new Super Acoustic range combines the revolutionary design of Rytons LookRyt® AirCore® with advancements in acoustic foam technology for a range of retro-fitted core ventilators that are the latest in style and performance.

Keep ventilation to habitable rooms comfortable with Rytons New Super Acoustic Background Ventilators. With amazing soundproofing up to 50 dB (Dn,e,w), these controllable background room ventilators allow fresh air to dilute odours and prevent condensation whilst minimising the transfer of outside noise.

Permanent ventilation need not mean permanent noise with Rytons New Super Acoustic Boiler, Stove and Fire Ventilators. Quiet and efficient, these ventilators have impressive equivalent areas, reduce noise transfer by up to 45 dB (Dn,e,w) and are also HETAS approved for use with solid fuel appliances.

Rytons New Super Acoustic LookRyt® AirCores® feature Rytons unique LookRyt® panels. Angled openings around the rear of the face plate reduce draughts by allowing multi-directional air flow to disperse evenly into the room. The face plate is suitable for wallpapering or painting any colour allowing the panel to co-ordinate with the room décor for a discreet appearance.

Find out more about Rytons products at

Heat Producing Appliance Ventilation

Heat Producing Appliance Ventilation

Rytons Building Products have released the following update on ventilation for heat producing appliances, the article can be found on the Rytons website by clicking here.

In October 2010 the Building Regulations Part J changed – but some manufacturers still have not. The changes meant all ventilators for heat producing appliances should be tested by an accredited independent company for equivalent area. This is the air that actually passes through the product not (as previously) geometrical free area which is simply the measurement of the most restricted openings. The old style of measurement was felt to be less accurate due to the more modern designs of ventilator which tend to incorporate changes in shape, complex baffles and cowls which limit performance (air that can pass through).







If you look at the image above it’s easy to appreciate how simply measuring the gaps between the baffles would not be a true reflection of how much air actually flows through the vent as a complete system.  That’s why it’s so important to purchase products which declare an equivalent area.

Being at the forefront of ventilation we realised this was the safest and most accurate way to measure airflow many years ago and have been publishing only equivalent areas for our boiler, stove and fire ventilators for over a decade.

Rytons are currently the only manufacturer to have products approved by HETAS and the BBA.  We also have our own on-site testing facility for research and development of our products before sending them away for independent testing. Next time you go to purchase a ventilator for a fire, boiler or stove ask for the equivalent area to ensure you comply with current Building Regulations.

To view all the permanent ventilators in the HETAS Guide click here.

Rytons Heat Producing Appliance Ventilation Brochure is available to download by clicking here. For orders and enquiries contact 01536 511874.